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Quotes and how they relate to a Christian's belief of how we should treat the environment.

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"God was pleased with what he saw"

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God's creation was good and we should look after it.

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"I believe in one God, the maker of heaven and earth"

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There is only one God, and He created everything

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"Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and every living creature"

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Humans have DOMINION.

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"Not one sparrow can die unnoticed in God's world"

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God is aware of and cares about each and every living creature, so we should respect all life on earth.

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"The Lord placed man in the garden of Eden to guard and cultivate it."

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Humans are STEWARDS.

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The earth is the Lord's and all that's in it."

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Everything belongs to God, we should respect and look after the environment.

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"Love your neighbour as yourself"

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We should care about how our actions affect other, now and in the future.

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I liked Ted Burgess in a reluctant,half admiring,half hating way" 

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