Q1a) Research and planning

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AS examples

1. Research- Lighting. 

High and Low Key. Sinister. Matches genre. 

2. Planning- Shot Layout.

Shows every shot needed to take, including shot size, movement and character it is focused on. Easy to follow, laid out nicely.

3. ResearchShot reverse shot, 180 degree rule, match on action, eye-line match.

All contributes to continuity. Used in real media. Good starting point to develop upon, used in Prelim task.

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A2 examples

1. Research- Genre.

Looked into film examples such as KidUltHood. Clearer genre compared to AS. Stood out more. Obvious understanding in genre and its conventions.

2. Planning- Shot list.

Same as AS (shot layout), but presented better, more in depth. Included location and shots within it. Even clearer to read. Helpful when filming.

3. Research- Target Audience.

Used Pearl and Dean website. Specified gender and age. Worked upon research to focus teaser trailer for our target audience. Clearer understanding compared to AS.

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