milgrams study

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Milgrams study

Milgrams study of obedience, using buffers, gradual commitment and legitimate authority. Ppts tested on obedience on whether in front of a authority figure they would do what they were told( in this case this was to carry on giving what they thought was a person an electric shock of up to 450v) used gradual commitment(going up in 15v) also used legitmate authority (said he was a professor carrying out and experiment) also used buffers (the wall inbetween ppts and actors.

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Stress related illness

The SAM pathway and HPA axis, The SAM pathway prepares the body for flight or fight, activated the hypothalumus and which then release a hormone called AECH which gets the body aroused, this leads to flight or fight. HPA system is the pituitary gland which is a cause of a chronic stressor, and the activation of the hypothalumus releases bad chemicals which can cause long term illness on the body and damage to the immune system causing people to have illnesses.

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Work place stress including workload and control


not feeling you have control over time + effort put into dealing with the demands of the environment.

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