Psychological therpaies for schizophernia

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  • CBT encourages the patient to trace back to the origins of their symptoms
  • they are asked to evaluate the content of the delusions to show how valid they are
  • the learning of maladaptive repsonses to life peroblems is often the result of faulty thinking or mistakes in assesing cause and effect
  • CBT is incredibly effective when used with drugs
  • studies have showed that ECT effecitvely reduces positive symptoms by 25-50%  when using drugs too
  • lower patient drop out rates
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Effectiveness and appropriateness of CBT


  • meta-analysis showed that CBT was effective in reducing positive symptoms
  • however CBT is usually used iwth drugs so is hard to asses its effectiveness alone


  • CBT works by giving a less distressing explanation for psychotic experiences rather than trying to eliminate them completley
  • negavtive symptoms may seem useful as when being treated for schziophernia an increase in symptoms may cause them to be re-admitted
  • studies have shown that CBT isn't for everyone and is actually more useful for younger people
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Psychodynamic therpaies: psychoanalysis

the aim of psychoanalysis is to bring unconcious conflicts to the concious mind to be dealt with

  • the therapist becomes a friend with the patient in order to offer help
  • the worse the condition the more help is offered
  • Freud did believe at one point that schizophernics were unable to form a transference with the analyst
  • transference refers to a process as by which emotions that are orignially accosicated with one person can unconciously be transfered to the analsyt
  • there are few therapists who can achieve this
  • however the main idea is that the therapst builds trust by replacing the harsh and punishing conscience with a friendlier one
  • then the patient can take an acitve role in their recovery
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Effectiveness and appropriateness of psychodynamic


  • reports have shown that some psychodynamic therpaies are actually harmful for patients
  • however a meta-analysis showed that it was effective treatment for schizophernia
  • researchers have said it is impossible to draw defnitie conclusions for or aganist psychodynamic therapies
  • May (1986) found that patients who were treated with psychodynamic and drugs had a better outcome then therapy alone
  • it was found that antipsychotic drugs were better than therapy
  • the evidence supports both for an aganist


  • APA has said that therapys such as psychodynamic are effective when used with drugs
  • as it is a long term therapy and these are usually expensive, it prevents it being adopted on a large scale
  • many people argue that is is expensive it is not worth using
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