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Self Reports- Strengths and weaknesses of Question

Where participants are asked a set of questions about themselves and to report answers. Using qestionnaires.

Strengths and Weaknesses of questionnaires:

  • Quick and easy to complete and produce
  • Easy to anayls closed questions
  • Open questions can give qualitative data, their opinions
  • Designed carefully, with a specific topic in mind
  • Can send in the post, targets large amounts of people
  • Boring to complete
  • Demand characteristics and social desirability 
  • Cost
  • Needs alot of data to get good results
  • Can be too personal
  • People may not understand questions


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Self Reports- Strengths and weaknesses of Intervie

Where participants are asked a set of questions about themselves and to report answers. Using Interviews.

Strengths and Weaknesses of interviews:

  • In depth qualitative data
  • More chance of an explanation
  • Can follow up on particular questions
  • More likely to spot a lier if you are a trained interviewer
  • Harder to get participants
  • Harder to analys as there is more qualitative data
  • Social desirability
  • More time consuming
  • May need a trained interviewer to get answers from people
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Self Reports- Measuring Reliability

Refers to consistantcy of data measure. If consistant and we repeat the study, we should collect similar resiults.

  • Test-re test reliability: take the self report on 2 seperate occasions. Then you can pair the scores using a correlation. If it is reliable, you should get similar scores and this should be a positive correlation. 
  • Split half reliability: compare the scores form the 1st half of the questionnaire to the scores of the 2nd half of the questionnaire. They should be similar if the questionnaire is reliable.  
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