Promoting Quality Care

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An expression of favour or

disfavour towards a

person, place, thing or


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A simplified image or idea which is applied to

individuals or groups - seen as a way of labelling

using a set of fixed characteristics to a whole

group of people.

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To prejudge something or

someone - pre concerned

ideas/opinions may be

based on strereotypes.

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Social exclusion

‘Social exclusion' is a term that covers, but is

broader than, poverty. It relates to being unable

to participate fully in normal social activities, or to

engage in political and civic life / possibly due to

barriers which exist.

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Unfavourable treatment

based on prejudice.

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The ways by which a carer or person or self

encourages an individual / themselves to make

informed choices and decisions so that they take

control of their own life.

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Having a lack of

information to make

choices and decisions on

personal actions - fearing

the consequences.

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Self esteem

An understanding of

ourselves which involves

forming an opinion.

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Direct discrimination

Incudes words or actions

that are deliberately

disadvantaging an


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Indirect discrimination

Occurs when particular

condition are in place that

demonstrates a

preference for one group

of people.

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Primary socialisation

The process in which

young children learn the

norms and values of

society, usually occurs in

the family.

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Secondary socialisation

The process in which an

individual comes to

understand the social

norms of wider society,

occurs outside the family.

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A state of complete

physical, mental and

social wellbeing - not

merely the absence of


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Institutional Racism

An organisation that has

systems or policies in

place that disadvantage


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Repeated physical, verbal, social or

psychological aggressive behaviour by a person

or group that is directed towards a less powerful

person or group that is intended to cause harm,

distress or fear.

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Persistent unwanted

conduct and behaviour on

the grounds of race,

gender, sexual orientation,


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Need to know basis

Restricting access

to information about an

individual to those who

have a justifiable and

clear reason to access it.

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