Prokaryotic cells and Eukaryotic cells

Prokaryotic cells and Eukaryotic cells

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Prokaryotic cells

No nucles

Only a diffuse area of nuclear material with no nuclear envelope

No nucleolus

Cirular strands of DNA but no chromosomes

No membrane bounded organelles

No chloroplasts, only photosyntheitc regions in some bacteria

Ribosomes are smaller

No endoplasmic reticulum or associated golgi apparatus and lysosomes

Cell wall made of peptidoglycan

Smaller than eukaryotic cells

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Eukaryotic cells

Distinct nucleus with a nuclear envelope

Nucleolus is present

Chromosomes present in which DNA is located

Membrane bounded organelles such as mitochondira are present

Ribosomes are larger

Endoplasmic reticulum present along with golgi apparatus and lysosomes

Where present, cell wall is mostly made of cellulose (or chitin or fungi)

Dont have a capsule

If they have flagella they are supported by microtubeles

Multicellular organisms

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