Privatization Policies

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Privatization definition

Services once owned/provided by the state are now run by private companies

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Endogenous Privatisation

The importation of ideas from the private sector so the public sector is more business like. For example: competition between schools, performance related pay and per capita funding

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Exogenous Privatization

The privatization of state education where the state has ceased to be provider of education services and it is instead run by private companies and organisations

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Cola-isation of schools

Buckingham and Scanlon argue that global multinationals are marketing education software and cola-isation occurs when there is product endorsement

Ball argued that the cadburys sport equipment was scrapped as an estimated over 5000 chocolate bars were required for a set of volley ball posts

Beder found in the UK parents, pupils and teachers had to spend £11,000 in Tesco for a single computer in schools

Education has become a commodity and privatized

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Role of the State

1) It comissions educational services

2) It acts as a regulator through league tables, targets and ofsted. Acting as a quality control

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