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Embossing means pushing a shaped die into the back of the material to leave a slightly raised impression on its surface for emphasis and texture. Process: Heat surface and insert mold to surface. Apply forces to emboss the surface and then let cool for few minutes.

Uses: Gives a visual and tactile effect to draw attention

Advantage: Adds texture and quality

Disadvantage: Expensive process

Example: Business stationary, Invitations and Packaging'

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Varnishing is used to make things look smooth and glossy. It also seals the printed material to help preserve it better. Varnishes can be glossy (shiny) or matte (dull)

Uses: Protection and enhancement

Advantage: Easy process, Low cost, Oil-based is cheapest

Disadvantage: Water based ink needs special machine, Ink must be dry

Example: Book covers (Titles) and packaging (Brand), Business Cards

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Lamination means sandwiching a document between layers of plastics. It adds layer of protective coating often glossy (shiny) or matte (dull) to the printed surface, while improving its sturdiness and water resistance

Uses: Protection and enhancement

Advantage: Good for protection, Makes product more durable

Disadvantage: Expensive

Example: Business cards, Menu, Posters

image_15_lamination (  image_27_lamination_matte (  (

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Foil Application

Foil Application means using heat and pressure to print a malleable metal foil onto certain areas of the print surface. It adds reflective properties to various elements of the design and draws attention to logo or brand name to give impression of quality and luxury product.

Uses: Enhancement on special work

Advantage: Quality and Luxury enhancement

Disadvantage: Expensive

Example: Book covers, Photograph album

image_03_foil (  Image result for Foil application  image_22_foil (

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