Pressure Groups - Unit 3

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Iron Triangle

'Explain the meaning of the term Iron Triangle and how signicant is it?'

The Iron Traingle is the strong relationship between:

The Pressure Group

Congressional Committee

Department Agency


1. Vietnam Veterans of America

2. Vietnam Affairs of House and Senate

3 Department of Veteran Affairs

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Why do Pressure Groups Target The Executive

The Executive are responsible for:

Proposing New Legislation

Implementing Legislation Already Passed

Reasons WHY Pressure Groups Target The Executive:

January State Of The Union addresses/shapes the political agenda for the following year.


Finanicial Contributions

Shaping Public Support

Votes via Campaign Activists

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Why Do Pressure Groups Target The Lesgilature

The Legislature Are Responsible For:

Passing New Laws

Scrutinising The Executive, Significantly in Foreign Policies

Interest Groups Often Work In Support Of Legislation In Order To Change It

House Of Representatives

Takes The Lead To Impose Or Abolish Taxes

Shapes The Debate For Spending The $1.7 Million Budget


2/3 Majority To Ratify Foreign Treaties

Simple Majority To Confirm or Reflect Proposed Appointments

How: Establish Close Ties With Those Working In Congress (Revolving Door Syndrome)

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Why Do Pressure Groups Target The Judicary

The Judicary Are Responsible For:

Interpreting The Constitution

The Constitution Essentially Means Whatever The Supreme Court Says It Means

Means For Minority Support


Support Or Oppose Nominee's

Compile Dossiers On The Nominee

Launch Media Campaign

Amicus Briefs

Test Cases

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