Pressure Group Examples

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-Campaign for civil liberites

-Insider group

-ABle to challenge different laws

-Causal group

-Founded in 1934

-Biggest civil rights group in the UK

-1950s: they campaigned for a reform to the mental health system

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Human Rights Watch

-Founded in 1978 in Helsinki as a result of the Helsinki Accords

-Resolved disagreement between Serbia & Bosnia

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Extinction Rebellion

-Founded October 2018

-Protesting laws about climate change & with civil disobedience

-An outsider, causal pressure group

-Often target the public by causing disruption

-Lots of support amongst young people

-Claim to be unbiased

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Insulate Britain

-Founded from Extinction Rebellion

-They want the government to fund insulation in homes more by 2025

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Friends of the Earth

-Founded in 1969 in San Fransisco

-Campaign for the environment

-Not a radical group, but they do many protests

-Insider group

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