Premature Babies


Premature Babies

Premature babies are born before full term and weigh less than 5lbs. The earlier they arrive, the more likely they need medical attention and have developmental delay later in life.

Characteristics of premature babies are....

  • Underdeveloped lungs/breathing difficulties 
  • The inability to **** and swallow
  • The inability to regulate body temperature 
  • Small size
  • Low birth weight
  • A weak immune system
  • Low calcium, iron and blood sugar levels
  • Red, wrinkled head
  • Large head 
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Bonding is the feelings of love and affection between a parent and a child

This can be difficult with premature babies because the parents...

  • May feel that the bay doesn't belong to them, it belongs to the hospital
  • May be afraid to love the baby incase it dies

There are ways in which bonding can be encouraged for all babies.

Parents can...

  • Provide physical care
  • Talk and sing to their baby, making eye contact
  • Have skin-to-skin contact by stroking and cuddling
  • Provide toys and clothes

The mother can also put the bay to the breat. Even if the baby can't feed, the contact will help establish the mothers milk.

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Why is the word **** replaced by stars , i dont understand how it is innapropriate when talking about babies.

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