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G.P. (General Practitioner) – your family doctor. They assess you and give advice on and treatment of illness and medical condition.

Consultant doctor or surgeon - a specialist doctor. also give advise about illnesses and treatments, but hospital based.

Community nurse - Provides nursing care to patients in their own homes or in residential homes. usually based at either a G.P.’s surgery or a community centre but will not see patients there.

Practise nurse - Provides nursing care to patients in the G.P.’s surgery where they are based.

Health visitor - deliver health education programmes and they carry out developmental assessment and screening of pre-school children. Based in community centre, can do home and hospital visits.

Dietician - Gives nutritional advise to enhance healthy wellbeing. based in community and hospitals

Special needs teacher - Teaches children with special educational needs. Often specialises in one particular type of disability.

Teaching assistant - Provides assistance with communication or understanding.




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Social worker - tend to work with people ’in crisis’, usually at risk of harm. They are often the ‘gateway’ to other services. usually community based, but can do home and hospotal visits.

Occupational therapists - They assess and treat clients with physical, psychological or social problems and aim to promote independent living. involded in a patients aids and adaptions.

speech and language therapist - aim to improve, assess and treat clients with speech, language or social problems.

physiotherapist - Work to maximise movement potential, mobility, independence and health. They work in hospitals and in the community where they may visit patients in their home.

domicilary care assistant - Provide practical support in the home, such as washing, dressing, bathing etc.

personal care assistant - Provides personal and domestic care which may be in or outside of the client’s home.

care assistant - provides care in a residental or nursing home

Officer in charge - people in charge of the running of a residential or nursing home. supervise care and moniter health and conditions

Special needs coordinator - Assesses special educational needs, arranges and supervises the provisionof the special educational in the school.




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