Habitat - organism lives.

Population - all the organisms of one species in a habitat at the same time.

Community - all populations of all the species in a habitat at the same time.

Ecosystem - all the organisms and abiotic conditions in a particular area at the same time.

Abiotic - non living features of a habitat.

Biotic - living features.

Niche - the role of a species within a habitat.

Adaptation - a feature that members of the species has that increases their chance of survival and reproduction.

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This method allows the total population size to be calculated. However its accuracy relies on certain assumptions being true:

  • the marking doesn't effect the animals abilty to survive + reproduce and the marking is still visible
  • the marked organisms have time to mix back in with their population
  • there is no major change in population due to births/deaths/migration


  • the captured organisms are not stressed causing harm or injury - should be released straight after marking
  • soil erosion due to people being in the ecosystem
  • the experimental people should make smallest effect on pop. possible
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