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Laminar Flow

Also known as "streamlined"flow. The different layers of fluid flowing at constant speed but not crossing each other's paths.

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Turbulent Flow

Describes mixing of layers of fluid flowing at different speeds ( constant changes of velocity)  and crossing each other's paths. They form both vortices and eddies

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Is the measure of difficulty associated wuth moving adjacent layers of fluidpast each other. If it is Laminar Flow then the rate of flow increases as the viscosity decreases. If it is Turbulent Flow then the predictions of rate flow become difficult

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Is the force acting on a body which is fully or partially immersed in fluid. It acts vertically upwards towards the body. The magnitude of the upthrust (U) is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced.

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Viscous Drag

Is the force acts against the motion of a body as it moves through a fluid as it flows through a pipe or around an object. Magnitude of Viscous Drag felt by the body depends on the size and shape of the body.

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Terminal Velocity

Is the maximum velocity reached by a body, when moving through a fluid. As the body accelerates from 0, the terminal velovity increases until it balances all the forces acting. The Resultant force is 0

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