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Physics Paper 1 (Materials)

A fluid is defined as any substance that can flow. This is usually a gas or a liquid as solids made of tiny particles can flow.

Density is a measure of the mass per unit volume of a material and measured in kg m3. The formula…

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This only applies for a spring up to elastic limit where after this the spring will no longer return to its original shape.

After elastic limit, springs no longer obey Hooke's law as they are permanently deformed. This is called plastic deformation.

The spring constant (k) is equal to the…

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Material A is stronger than material B because it requires more force to break it.

Material A is stiffer than material B as it has a higher gradient indicating a high young's modulus.

Material B is more ductile than A as it shows plastic deformation.

Material A is more brittle…

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