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Work Done

What is work done? - When a force causes an object to move throught a distance (W=F x  d) 

What is the unit for work done? - Joules (J) 

What is transferred when work is done on an objects? - Energy 

Will the amount of work done to move an object across ice be smaller or greater than an object moving acroos grass? -  It will be smaller beacause there is less frictional forces to counteract. 


What is power and what are it's units? - The work done or energy transferred in a give time (P =  E/t)  

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Gravitational Potential Energy Questions!

What is gravitational potential energy? - The energy an object has due to it's position of height in a gravitational field. (Ep = m x g x h). Where Ep is the change in gravitational potential energy in Joules (J), m is the mass in kilograms (kg), g is the gravitational field strength in newtons per kilograms (N/kg) and h is the change of height in metres (m). 

What are the units for Gravitational Field Strength - N/kg

If the gravitational field strenght on Earth is 10 N/kg, what is the weight of someone who has a mass of 70kg?

If the person in question 8 stood on a stool which is 1m high, what would their gravitational field energy be? -  

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