Physical Education

" The ability to use volantry muscles many times without getting tired.

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Muscular Endurance

" The ability to use volantry muscles without getting tired".

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Muscular Strength

"The amount of force a muscle can exert against a resistance".

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Optimum Weight

Best weight for what a player peforms in.

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"The differential rate at which an induvidual is able to peform a movment or cover a distance in a period of time".

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Oxegyn Debt

The amount of oxegyn used when you are recovering.

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Physical, Activity, Readiness, Questionairre

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"How well a task is completed".

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" The ability to do strength performance quickly"

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Reaction Time

" The time between the presentation of a stimulus and the onset of a movment".

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Adaptation that takes place as a cosequence will be reversed when stopped training.

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Progressive Overload

Fitness can only be trained and improved through training more than you normally do.

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A tissue that joins muscle to bone.

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Target Zone

The range in which an induvidual needs to work forr aerobic training to take place.

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Target Zone Sum

220 - Age =

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Stroke Volume

The volume of blood pumped out of the heart by each ventricle during one contration.

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Specific, Meusurable, Acheivable, Realistic, Time Bound

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Self Esteem

Respect for, or a favourable opinion of, oneself.

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Have more bodyfat then should have.

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Weight in excess of normal.

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"The ability to change the body quickly and to control the whole body".

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Narrow Shoulders, Narrow Hips, Thin.

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Round Head, Wide Hips, Fat

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Wide Shoulders, Narrow Hips, Muscular

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" A form of physical activity to maintain or improve health or physical fitness."

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Doing a physical activity without oxegyn.

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Doing physical activity with oxegyn.

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Muscle contraction that results in limb movment.

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A place were two or more bones joint.

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A tissue that joins bone to bone.

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The range of movment possible at a joint.

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" A state of complte metal phyisical or social well being and not merley the absence of desease or infirmity".

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Muscle contraction that results in increased tension but the length does not alter.

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Body Composition

The percentage of body weight which is fat, muscle or bone.

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Cardiac Output

The amount of blood pumped ou of the heart in one min.

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Cardio-Vascular Fitness

" The ability to exercise the entire body for long periods of time".

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"The ability two use more then two body parts".

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"The ability to meet the demads of the environment".

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Induvidual Needs

Making traing match the need of the induvidual.

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Rest + Recovery

The time needed to rest or recover any injury caused by physical activity.

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Matching training to the skills/ fitness components for an activity.

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" The ability to retain the bodys centre of mass above the base support with reference to static or dynamic, conditions of movment, shape and orientation".

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