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Interactionist Theory

 "An explaination of behaviour that assume our personality depends on our traits and on the environment" 

  • Hollanders Model suggest that our personality is layered: psychological core (represents values and attitudes), typical response (gives a good indication of corre), role-related (actual response to different circumstances) 
  • Kurt Lewins Formula Behaviour= function of (Personality and Environment) --> this means; 1. causes of our behaviour can be separated into P and E, 2. Personality traits are internal causes, 3. Environmental variables are external, 4. Behaviour is due to P and E 

Profile of Mood States (Morgan) - a way of measuring the moods of those who participate in sport. - 6 measures - higher vigour - iceberg profile for successful athletes 

Achievement Motivation Theory 

1. Nach - approach behaviour - seeks a challenge - enjoys evaluation - task persistance 

2. Naf - aviodance behavour - avoids challenge - performs worse if evaluated 

Interpretation of success - Task orientated (success= playing well) - Ego orientated (success= superiority) 

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