Peer Review

The Role of Peer Review and the conventional way to report in a scientific journal

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What is the Role of Peer Review?

Peer Review has three functions

1- Allocation of research funding: How relevant is the research? Can it help us at all and will it be a worthwhile investment?

2- Publication and research in scientific journals: Its used as a means to prevent incorrect or irrelevant data being published and entering the public domain.

3- Assessing the research rating of university departments: It is important as a university's future funding can be effected by the quality of the research so a review of the research is needed to maintain standards and secure future funding.

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Conventional Layout of a Journal Article

A.I.M.R.D.R Angel Is Mad Really Daddy Really

Abstract: A summary of the study covering the aims, hypothosis, method, procedures, results and conclusion.

Introduction: What the researchers intended to investigate including a review of prior studies done into the topic. Based on this a hypothesis is made, One Tailed if studies have been done before, Two Tailed if its a new study

Method: A detailed description of what the researchers did providing enough information so it can be replicated including information on the sample, testing environment, brief and debrief.

Results: Showing the results usually using inferential statistical methods

Discussion: Explanations are speculated of the behaviours observed and implications of the research in the future are explored

References: The full details of any journal articles or books mentioned or used.

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Issues with Peer Review

  • Hard to find an expert in the field you are studying to review your work therefore they may not fully understand it
  • Most peer review is anonymous which can be good as they can be objective however this means that some may use it to rival somebody
  • Publication Bias: Peer review can have editors favour positive studies so as to increase social standing of their journal
  • New universities have a problem with submitting research.
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