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Principle of play - Width in attack

OPPONENTS ACTIONS Our opponents played a player wide in each corner when attacking against our 2-1-2 zone so that they could get unopposed shots scoring many baskets

TACTICS USED TO OVERCOME We changed our defence to man to man so that each player was always covered.

EFFECT ON PERFORMANCE We could put immediate pressure on the reciever which stopped our opponents from scoring unnoposed from a long range

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Depth in attack


Our opponents wingers were getting the ball to the bye-line and cutting it back for midfield players to run on to get a shot at goal/score

TACTIC TO OVERCOME               

Our midfield players had to track the runs of their opponents, so that they could immediately tackle them if the ball was cut back to them EFFECT ON PERFORMANCE Their midfield players could no longer get shots at goal from cut backs without being immediately tackled which reduced the number of shots they got at goal

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Depth in defense


  • Our opponents played a 2-1-2 zone defence so they always had depth behind the ball.


  • We positioned our best shooters wide in each corner when attacking and passed the ball to them


  • They were able to get unopposed shots at the basket scoring many points
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Width in defence


  • Our opponents played in a 3-5-2 formation with three players spread across the back


  • We played the ball low through the gaps in their defence for our fast centre forward to move on to


  • Our centre forward was able to run into space away from the defenders on to the passes to get shots at goal/score
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Tactics can be changed during games for a number of reasons;

  • Your tactics are not working .
  • Your opponents are not performing the way you expected them to.
  • Your opponents change their tac tics.
  • You are losing near the end of the game and need to score.
  • You are winning near the end of the game and want to hold on to your lead.
  • You have had a man sent off.
  • You have a man injured.
  • Your tactics were not working due to the conditions.
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Rules can ensure the smooth running of activities

Team Activity FOOTBALL:

  • Substitutions can only be made when the referee has given permission and the play has stopped.

Reason activity runs smoothly : Play is not disrupt ed by the substitutions and teams can reorganize as a result of the substitution before play resumes.

Individual Activity Tennis Rule to ensure smooth running

  • Players are only allowed a 2 minutes break when changing ends.

Reason activity runs smoothly : So that the game is not interrupted for too long causing the players to cool down which may result in injury

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Role of Attacking player


  • Get into space to receive passes, score goals, etc

Role of Defending player Basketball/football/netball/hockey

  • Stay close to opponents when they have the ball, cover runs made by opponent, stop goals from being scored, etc
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Why you breathe faster/deeper when exercising/participating

  • When muscles have to work harder, a chemical reaction takes place in them, which burns up an increased amount of oxygen.

Waste products produced by the body during exercise

  • Carbon dioxide is breathed out after the oxygen has been burned up by the body.
  •  If you work anaerobic ally the oxygen you are breathing in is not sufficient to fuel the chemical reactions taking place in the working muscles.
  • The body then burns up the stored oxygen in the blood and you go into oxygen debt and lactic acid builds up in the muscles.
  • Anaerobic activity can only be carried out for a short period of time.
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  • Muscles Muscles work in pairs to contract/shorten and extend/lengthen to bring about body movement
  • Tendons Tendons attach muscles to bones. 
  • Cartilage Cartilage is fibrous elastic tissue found in the body. In the knee and it acts as a pad/shock absorber between the bones of the upper and lower leg
  • Ligaments Hold joints in place/restrict the movement of joints . Bone To Bone
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Fartlek training - Anaerobic endurance

FARTLEK TRAINING Continuous varied pace running which stresses both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.


I started with a JOG followed by a MID PACED RUN  followed by a SPRINT before a RECOVERY WALK. ......................................

I then repeated the process continually around the course for 8 minutes, had a 2 minute rest period and then ran again for 8 minutes..................

I repeated this until I had performed the Fartlek run 5 times. This gave me a work rest ratio of 4:1.

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In striking/kicking/throwing actions the part of the body (arm, leg, hand etc) or piece of equipment (racket, club stick etc) continues after the object that has been struck or released in the direction of the target.

Individual Activity -Badminton - Striking Action - Smash --Description of follow through--

  • After contacting/hitting the shuttle the racket head continues to follow it forwards anddownwards towards the ground.  

Effect of Follow Through on Performance

  • Following through gives my smash more power and accuracy so that my opponent cannot return it and I win the point
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Activity- Swimming -Skill/Technique - Front Crawl Resistance to be overcome -Water

  • I made my body straighter on the surface of the water

     .by putting my head between my arms and by putting my legs together

  • Due to my straighter body shape I offered a reduced surface area to the water, so that I can cut through the water more easily
  • As I can cut through the water more easily I can swim faster than my opponents and win therace.
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