Peace treaties

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September 1919

The pace settlement dealt with the two parts of Austria-Hungary in separate peace treaties.

The terms of the treaty:

  • Austria lost the South Tyrol and Istria to Italy and huge areas of land to Czecholslokia, Poland and Yugoslavia 
  • Land given to Czecholslovakia was very wealthy and over 3 million German speakers were placed in the new state
  • Austria was reduced to a small country of 6.5 million people
  • 1/3 of people lived in Vienna
  • Austria was forbidden for seekung Anschluss with Germany (unification)
  • The Austrian army was limited to 30,000 men
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November 1919

Bulgaria had fought on the losing side.

Terms of the treaty:

  • Land was taken from Bulgaria and given to Greece, Yugoslavia and Romania
  • The Bulgarian army was restricted to 20,000 men
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March 1920

Wilst peace talks were taking plce, Hungarian communists seized power in Budapest led by Bela Kun. He was overthrown and a right-wing goverment took over, the new ruler Admiral Horthy was forced to sign the treaty.

Terms of the treaty:

  • 2/3 of Hungarian territory was given to Czecholslovakia, Yugoslavia and Romania 
  • The population of Hungary was reduced from 18 million to 7 million people
  • Hungarian army limited to 35,000
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The Ottoman family regined over the Turkish empire for centuries, but the empire had been in decline for years before WW1. The Turks also fought on the losing side in the war.

The terms of the treaty:

  • Turkey lost nearly all its land to Greece
  • The lands of the Turlish Empire in the Arab Middle East were confiscated. France took charge in Syria and Britian took control in Palestine, Jordan and Iraq
  • Turkey was to pay reparations
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Turkish people were putraged by the treaty and a general named Ataturk led a revolution and overthrew the Ottoman family in 1921. Once in power Ataturk used his armies to overturn the Treaty of Sevres by force. The new treaty was signed as a result as a new agreement.

Terms of the treaty:

  • Turkey regained land lost to Greece
  • No reparations were paid
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