Paper 2 English Language

Question One

Read Source A carefully and pick out four true statements. 

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Question Two

This question will ask you to refer to Source A and Source B. Remember to use details form both of the sources and write a summary of their differences. 

First introduce by saying: In Source A, the (character)...(make a point about what the theme is or the topic).

Now give an example this part is your evidence get a highlighter out and highlight the sentence you want to put into this comparism paragraph. Make sure it links to the introduction. Say: For example the writer uses...'.....'.

After writing the quote you want to pick an individual word from the quote and make sure it is a word that you can say a lot about that word. The word '..........' suggests that....OR instead you could just write about what the quote is about and how it is linked with your intoduction.

Your comparing sentence should write: In contrast, Source B the (character)...(make a point about what the theme is or what the topic is about.

Use the same sentences and use the same process for the next part.

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Question Three

This question will ask you to refer to Source B and write about how the writer uses language to make you feel involved in the scene.

Comment on the writer's purpose - The text is written to.........the reader about/to.....

Now name the feature and what paragraph - In the ...paragraph, the writer uses......(name the feature)....

Say what the quote is reflecting on the previous sentence - In the line........

And explain how the reader would feel or react by this...-which would make the reader feel...but is also could...

Pick out a word and say how the reader would react to this particular word - The word....might make the reader feel...

Overall this would appeal the target audience of....and make them......fulfilling the purpose of the text to....

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Question Four

In this question you will have to refer to both of the Sources so, make sure you have some idea on what it is about and if you don't read the Sources again. The question will ask you to compare the way the writers convey their views,present ideas or experiences.

First start to introduce:

In Source A, the writer feels.....(make your point about their attitude for their theme)...

Now, show your evidence of this:

The writer uses..........and uses (method) to convey (write topic/theme)

This shows that......(describe their attitude)

Repeat this for the Source B

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Question Five

You will be given a statement of opinion could be about anything. You will be asked to write a text in support or against the opinion. (Draw around your hand and plan it out writing each point on all of the fingers. Remember to write in the middle do you agree or disagree)

Make sure you use paragraphs and structure your writing.

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