P2.2 Uses and dangers of static electricity

- electrostatic phenomena can be cuased through eveyday object: walking, touching door knobs, chairs ect.. this is due to the fact electrons flow between you and and an object heading towards earth. Static can build up in clouds, cauing huge sparks between the cloud and the ground: lightining. 

-Earthing ~ electrons move from you to earth through the object one way or another.

-discharged ~ you no longer have the charge.

- earthing removes excess charge by movement of electrons.

- can be used in insecticide sprays to make the spray spread more evenly.

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P2.2 Uses and dangers of static electricity

- spray painting ~ the object being painted is negativley charged. the nozzle of the spray is connected to an electriity supply. The droplets of spray pick up a posotive charge as they come out. the posotive charged droplets repel from one another, so they spread causing a fine spray. Thus the paint droplets are attched. 

- A bonding line (metal wire ) is used to connect the aircraft to earth before it's refulled. thus discharging the aircraft so there will be no sparks.

- when tankers deliver fuel, the hole used to fill underground is made of conducting material so there will be no spark. 

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