Othello quotes

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  • Othello Quotes
    • I am not what I am
      • Reveals to the audience that he is duplicitous from the start
      • I.1.66
    • The Moor is of a free and open nature, That thinks men honest that but seem to be so
      • I.3.393-394
      • Only evil people can detect evil in others and othello is too trusting
    • So I will turn her virtue into pitch, And out of her own goodness make the net that shall enmesh them all
      • II.3.350-352
      • How being good, inexperienced and ignorant can lead to serious errors of judgement
    • Othello
      • Chaos is come again
        • Admits to a vulnerability
    • Emilia
      • They are all but stomachs and we are all but food
        • III.4.100
        • Low bestial view of relationships
        • Iago's world view is gradually imposed


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