Othello Act 4 quotes



'naked in bed, Iago and not mean harm? It is hypocrisy against the devil'

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'her honour is an essence that's not seen; they have it very oft that they have it not'

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'With her? On her. What you will'

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'work on, my medicine, work!'

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'a horned man's a monster and a beast'

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'Marry, patience, or I shall say y'are all in all in spleen and nothing of a man'

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Iago to Cassio

'Ply Desdemona well and yo are sure on't'

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Iago to Cassio

'I am a very villain else'

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'Ha, ha, ha!'

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Othello about Desdemona

'I will chop her into messes'

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Othello, stage direction

[Strikes her]

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Desdemona to Othello

'I will not stay to offend you'

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Lodovico about Othello

'Are his wits safe? Is he not light of brain?'

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