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"Lennie giggled happily"

Theme: Disability of Lennie's mental health

Character: Lennie giggles happily like a little child when George makes him happy. Giggled is a word usually seen and expressed in a little child's mood

Author: Steinbeck displays Lennie as a little child refering back to his mental health and the relationship between Lennie and George much like a father and son relationship where here George is the father figure making Lennie, the child, happy.

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"You crazy son-of-a-*****. You keep me in hot wate

Theme: Anger which constantly is referred in many scenes of the book from when Curley has a go at Lennie to when George curses at Lennie.

Character: Throughout the book anger is shown towards Lennie from either George, Curley or even Crooks also from many other characters but fundementally these are the most agressive characters towards Lennie. Also anger is expressed towards and through many characters. Carlson against Curley, Crooks against Lennie, Curley against Slim/Curleys wife, Candy against himself

Most importantly this quote shows us how George feels about Lennie's careless actions that have occured through his childlike personality and ill mental health. Also his lack of thinking keeps George unease by his [Lennie] mistakes that have been made through the past, present and what George is certain of is that some will occur in the future.

Author: Steinbeck frequently exposes the theme of anger which could link with many other themes such as lonliness. anger may refer and link to lonliness because some lonely people, like Crooks put it, 'get sick' of the lonliness and so they suprisingly end up pushing them away and getting angry. In this quote Steinbeck refers once again to how much Lennie's haphazardness disrupts George and so makes him uneasy and yes, angry. 

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