Of Mice and Men Character's

Exploring Steinbecks's characters and their significance in the Novel

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About Lennie

  • described as huge and strong
  • animal like 'the way a bear drags his paws'
  • childlike
  • follows George
  • doesn't know his own strength


  • Lennie gets shot at the end of the book
  • He is in the novel because he is a great believer
  • He is content with simple things
  • Poses the question - Is death the right thing?
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About George-

  • Lennie's companion
  • He is small and described as 'defined'
  • Makes friends with Slim
  • Is cautious - water, boss, Curley
  • Like Lennie's dad


  • George's significance in the novel is that he looks like a typical ranch worker, but he is determined to have more, and he is determined to have that with someone else
  • He is the one that shoots lennie and makes the reader think 'What would i have done if i was him'?
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About Curley

  • Boss's Son
  • Aroggant
  • Itching for a fight
  • Feels threatened by Lennie's size and relationship with George
  • likes power
  • He is a weak character despite his urge to fight due to being a coward


  • Curleys character is in the novel to show that danger is coming - when he starts on Lennie
  • He is also there to highlight Lennie's Strength and show the reader what Lennie is capable of  ( foreshadowing Curley's wife's death )


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Curley's wife

About Curley's Wife

  • Only women in the novel that speaks
  • Lonely and therefore seeks conversation with others
  • Described as a bit of a 'tart' and someone who has 'got the eye'
  • Has a dream, just like Lennie and George
  • Weak character because she is a 'girl' - this comes through in her death


  • Curley's wife significance in the novel is that she makes the relationships uneasy between the itinirant workers
  • She seems to have a very good judge of character
  • Her dream echos everyone elses - it's just out of reach and she had to settle for less
  • She dies and is ultimatley the reason for Lennie's Death.
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About Candy

  • Is an old,cripple who has worked on the ranch for along time
  • has a really old dog, which was his own companion, and which also gets shot -  reflecting lennie's death
  • knows all the gossip about the ranch and he introduces the reader to alot of characters.


  • Candy is what makes George and Lennie's dream able to happen
  • He also gives the sense of loneliness, which reflects the times - The wall street crash
  • Shows a similar relationship with dog to the one George and Lennie have
  • Is a weaker character - like Lennie, becuase of his old age - survival of the fittest?
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About crooks

  • *****
  • is the stable buck
  • is called '*****' by everyone but Slim, who treats him the same as he treats everone
  • had a dream about a Chicken Ranch his dad used to own
  • lonely
  • discriminated


  • Crooks is the one who tells or foreshadows the fact that the dream will never come true
  • Reflects the history of the time
  • his loneliness follows a long line of people's loneliness.
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they dont call him "*****" they call him "******". The book was written before the likes of 50 cent

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