Of MICE and MEN chapter recap

A recap of what happens in each chapter

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Chapter one

  • George and Lennie head to the Ranch
  • They stop by the pool to sleep
  • Lennie asks George to tell him the dream
  • George mentions Weed
  • George gets angry at Lennie for burdening him, then apologises
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Chapter two

  • George and Lennie arrive at the ranch and meet Candy
  • There is a description of the Bunk House
  • We meet all of the main characters
  • The Boss suspects Geroge because he won't let Lennie speak - and Curley takes a dislike to Lennie
  • They meet Slim who offers Lennie a puppy and Curley's beautiful young wife who George warns Lennie to stay away from.
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Chapter three

  • Geroge tells Slim about Weed
  • Carlson shoots Candy's dog
  • Candy finds out about the dream and offers his money if he can stay with George and Lennie
  • Lennie crushes Curley's hand after he is egged on by George (Curley starts on Lennie for no reason)
  • Slim tells Curley to tell peple he got his hand caught in a machien to avoid embarassment
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Chapter four

  • All of the men go to town apart from Crooks, Lennie and Candy, who are left behind
  • Lennie and Candy go into Crook's room who finds it difficult to hide his pleasure to have some company
  • Lennie panicks as Crooks tells him to imagine that George would never come home, in an attempt to show Lennie how lonely he is
  • Lennie tells Crooks about the dream who seems interested
  • Curley's wife looks for company and finds L,Cr, and Ca in Crook's room
  • Crooks orders her out, but she uses her superior status as a white woman to threaten him with lynching
  • Crooks realises that Lennie and George's dream will never occur
  • Candy and Lennie leave Crook's room
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Chapter five

  • Lennie accidently kills the pup in the barn when everyone else is outside playing horseshoes. This is a sign of things to come.
  • Curley's wife appears and tells Lennie about her dream of being an actress and getting something for nothing
  • Lennie (liking soft things) strokes her hair, but panis and finds he can't let go
  • He accidently breaks her neck
  • Lennie runs away
  • The other men find out and go to find Lennie who is immediately suspected.
  • Candy realises the dream will never occur
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Chapter six

  • Lennie sees visions of his Aunt Clara and a Rabbit who tell him he has done a bad thing.
  • George finds Lennie by the stream they had stayed by in Chapter one
  • George talks to Lennie about the dream, and, getting him to turn away, shoots him in the back of the head with Carlson's Luger
  • The rest of the men find him and George, shaken, talks to Slim.
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