Of Mice and Men Characters

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George Milton

  • George is protective and feels responsible for Lennie after promising his aunt he'd look out for him
  • He shares a dream with Lennie to buy their own piece of land and be self-sufficient
  • He is sometimes frustrated by Lennie and has bursts of anger towards him, but quickly regrets it
  • He is small and quick-witted, in direct contrast to Lennie
  • He shoots his friend to protect him from being tortured by Curley's men
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Lennie Small

  • Lennie is a big man with a mental disability and relies on George for help
  • He is innocent and sweet natured and doesn't have the same prejudices as the other men
  • He dreams of tending the rabbits at the house that George promises they'll own someday
  • He likes soft things but doesn't know his own strength and accidentally kills small animals, and later, Curley's wife
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Curley's wife

  • She is newly married to Curley but admits she doesn't like him
  • She is never given a name but always reffered to as Curley's property
  • She is lonely on the ranch with no one to talk to - she is the only woman on the ranch
  • She dreams of being a film star
  • The other men are suspicious of her, calling her "j******t" as her husband is jealous and violent
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  • Candy is the oldest ranch worker and has lost a hand in an accident
  • He feels that he is old and worthless
  • Candy's dog is his only companion but he cannot stop him from being shot because he, like Candy, is old and worthless
  • He asks to be part of George and Lennie's dream to own some land
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  • Curley is the boss's son
  • He is a fighter and looks for oppurtunities to establish his authority
  • He is possessive of his wife and doesn't like her talking to the other men
  • He is little and seems to feel intimidated by Lennie's size
  • He picks on Lennnie, who crushes his hand
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