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Air % 's

78% NItrogen

21% Oxygen

1% Argon

0.04% Carbon Dioxide

1%  Others

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In/Complete combustion equations

Com-Carbon + Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide

In- Carbon + Oxygen = Carbon Monoxide

In- Carbon + Oxygen = Particulate Carbon

In- Nitrogen + Oxygen = NItrogen Monoxide

Com-Nitrogen + Oxygen = Nitrogen Dioxide

Com- Sulfur + Oxygen = Sulfur Dioxide 

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Where do the gases go?

Carbon Dioxide = Global Warming

Carbon Monoxide = Slowly oxidises into Carbon Dioxide

Particulate carbon = Black soot

Nitrogen Monoxide =  Acid Rain

Nitrogen Dioxide = Acid Rain

Sulfur Dioxide = Acid Rain

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Acid Rain

Main Contributors = SO2 NO2 SO3 NO

Effects = Kills trees, Kills fish, Limescale erosion

Caused by factories and cars which produce those gases

The gases mix with the water vapor, when it rains the acid rain does its damage.

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Catalytic Converter

Under a car

Transforms 2 NO 2 CO into 2CO2 And N2

Good for atmosphere and our bodies

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Crude Oil

Hydrocarbons= Compounds made up of only Hydrogen and carbon

Crudeoil and Natural gas mainly contain Hydrocarbons

Coal contains mainly Carbon

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