OCR Biology Plant Growth

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Plant Growth

    A 'tropism' is a growth response to a stimulus. Plants grow towards sources of water and light, which they need to

                                           survive and grow.

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Plant Growth

Auxin is a plant hormone in the stem tips and roots, which controls the direction of growth. Plant hormones are used in weedkillers, rooting powders and to

control fruit ripening.

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Plant Growth

Plants have developed responses called tropisms to help mak sure they grow towards souces of light and water.

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Plant Growth

There are two main types of tropisms;

positive tropisms - the plant grows towards stimulus,

negative tropisms - the plant grows away from the stimulus.

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Plant Growth

Phototropism is a tropism where the stimulus is light (plant grows upwards).

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Plant Growth


Geotropism is a tropism where the stimulus is gravity (plant roots grow downwards).

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