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A Poison Tree key quotes

The poem conveys a conflict between two people- "I told my wrath, my wrath did end./ [...] I told it noy my wrath did grow

there is also an internal,mental conflict- "i watered it in fears,/ Night and morning with my tears"

Natural imagery presents anger as bad, sinful emotion- "And it grew both day and night,/ till it bore an apple bright"

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Envy key quotes

the poem presents the importance of accepting who you are and what you have-"This rose-tree is not made to bear/ The v i o l e t blue nor lily fair"

It is pointless comparing others to yourself-"Like such a blind and senseless tree/[...] all envious persons are"

It is much better to focus on your own skills,talent,beauty-"With care and culture all may find/Some pretty flower in their mind"

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Boat Stealing key quotes

The poem displays internal conflict through an image of conflict with nature- "And as i rose upon the stroke my boat/ Went heaving through the water like a swan"

The speaker believes himself free,confident, and at the center of the world- "Growing still in stature, the huge cliff/ Rose up bewteen me and the stars"

The awesomness of Gods creation s revealed to him and it terifies him-"In my thoughts/there was darkness"

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The Destruction of Sennacherib

The peom features religious conflict and war-"The Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold,/And his cohorts were gleaming in urple and gold"

Sennacherib's powrful Assryian army comes to attack the weak city of Jerusalem-

Frightening images present God as an angel of death and anaphora emphasises Gods fearsome ability to destroy-"For the angel  spread is wings on the blast/ And the breather in the face of the foe as he passed;/and the eyes of the sleeperswaxed deadly and chill,/And their hearts but once heaved, and forever grew still ! / 

 Gods fearsome ability to destroy-"melted like snow in the galnce of the lord"

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There's A Certain Slant Of Light

The peom conveys internal,mental conflict caused by sins and religious guilt-"There's a certainSlant of light,/[...]Heaveny hurt , it gives us hurt"

There is a sense that God  (symbolised by light) sees everything- "'Tis thr Seal dispair-/ An imperial affliction " [This bit is about feeling guilt for something]

the spaker thinks about death and the need to live a Christian life-"'Tis like the Distance/ On the look of Death"

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War is hell-"The nightmare ground"

Conflict affects normal humanity-"Thats hard and good when he's decayed"

Death is disgusting and humiliating-"The burst stomach like a cave"

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The Man He Killed

Conflict removes humanity-"You shoot a fellow down/ you'd treat"

The two men are similar-"and staring face to face"

The killing is hard to justify-" because-/ because he was my foe"

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Anthem For Doomed Youth

War is horrible-" the monsterous anger of the guns'

Soilders do not get the funeral ans commeration they deserve-" What assing bells for these who die as cattles"

The soilder's loved ones care but the country does not-" The pallor of the girls brows shall be their palls"

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What Were They Like?

The peom is full of sadness-"SIr, their light hearts turned to stone."

The gentleness of the Vietnamese is contrasted by the horror of war-"When bombs smashed those mirrors/ there was only time ot scream"

The poet writes how the Vietnamese are now extinct-"Who can say? its al silent now"

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A sad peom about mankind's affect on the planet

The environment is poisioned and species of animals made extinct-"FOr her eggs laid in their nest of sickness./ For the cormorant in his funeral silk"

Wars create death and refugees-" For Ahmed at the closed border./ For the soilder with his uniform of fire" 

The poem end with an image of a nuclear apocalypse-"For the burnt earth and the sun put out,/ the scalded ocean and the blazing well"

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The women is the victim-"her haved head/ like a stubble of black corn"

She is sexually humiliated-"it blows her N I P P LES to amber beads"

The poet referes to the current events and the shame of ignoring them-" I whjo have stood dumb/ whem ypur betraying sisters"

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The flags seem insignificant-"Its just a piece of cloth"

They are a sign of power-"that makes the guts of men grow bold"

They are a sign of patriotism-"That brings a nation to its knees"

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Honour Killing

She feels restricted by her culture-"this black coat"

Religion is oppressive-"Gave my God a devils face"

She rejects gender stereotypes-"im taking off this skin"

She gains freedom/inderpendance-"making,plotting,crafting"

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Phrase Book

A deliberatly fragmented peom to show how the speaker's daily life affected by thoughts of war on the television

The speaker feels like a stranger in the world gone mad-"This is my front room/ where im lost in the action,loive from war,/on screen I am englishwoman. I dont understand you

She wonders whether any love is possible in a world with wars-"Whats love in all this debris?/ Just one person pounding another into dust"

She feels paranoid,vunerable,and expects attacks- "Yes they have seen us, the pilots in the Kill Box/ On theri screens and played the routine for getting us Stealthed"

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