Nomans changing England

Changes to Landscape

- Normans imposed themselves by buildings

- Castles were used to dominate Anglo-Saxons

- Cathedrals were built proving that the Normans were religious

- Who owned land changed to the Norman Earls

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Changes to People

- Structure of society was set in the Fuedal System

- In the Fuedal System, Anglo-Saxon thegns were replaced with Norman knights and Earls

- Sheriffs had more power

- Archbishop Stigand was replaced by Lanfranc

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Changes to Government

- Normans replaced all Anglo-Saxons in government

- Language of government changed to Latin and Norman French

- The Domeday Book complied to make a survey of all owned place in England.

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Changes to Law

- Sheriffs were adapted to fit their new role

- Laws to punish those who hurt Normans

- Forest Law was introduced to ONLY be used for William's personal hunting. Sheriffs would harshly punish those caught hunting there.

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