Nobody Comes

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- Mix of rhyming cuplets and cross ryhme 

- fails our expectations - not set rythmn - uncanny

- Something was there and now has been lost

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1st Stanza

'Tree-leaves labour up and down'

- pathetic fallacy

- falling like ghosts as they blow in wind

'through them the fainting light'

- dusk 

- progress is bringing everything to the end

'crawl of night'


'outside in the road the telegraph wire'

- nobody comes , only sends message

- reminder of loneliness

-echoes people who have used it before

'to the town from the darkening land'

- countryside is isolated

-where people go to die?

'intones to travellers like a spectral lyre'

-contrasts to metaphor of tree

- darkling thrush reference

- bleak and ghostly

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2nd Stanza

'a car comes up with lamps full glare' = technical advancement 

-sign of modernity. suggests new world is too much?

'it has nothing to do with me;

- suggests car is an intruder into his world

'whangs along in a world' = onomateopia

'leaving a blacker air' = comparative

-blinded by quick flash of lighting intruding

'mute by the gate' = relates to darkling thrush

- turn of the century - relates to modernity theme

'again alone' - everyone has moved on but him = suggests this has happened before (cyclical)

'nobody pulls up there' = nobody wants him

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