Nobles and Gentry



  • Nobles got around £6,000- in today's money, in that time it was around 1 million.
  • They could avoid torture, if they did commit an act of treason they would be he-headed this was to aviod himliation.
  • They often had large amount of land.
  • The titles and land, they were passed down from father to son.
  • They had titles of Duke-being the highest- earl and barron.
  • They would wear ruffs around thier necks, these were only worn by the rich.
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  • They were landlords of the counrty side.
  • They did no manual labour, they got other people to do the manual labour.
  • They could earn up to £10 and £200, in todays money that between £1,700 to £34,000.
  • They were also Justice of the Peace- JP.
  • They had to buy land, they could not buy big bits of lands only small bits of land.
  • The Gentry could show wealth throught the food they had and ate.
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