My Boy Jack characterisation

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Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling

  • "Once more" - repetition shows his masculinity and assertion
  • "Preserve..." - spoon-feeding Jack information about the war
  • "Energetic" - eccentric, lively, excited - typically masculine
  • Manipulative

Naive man who is pro-war, has toxic masculine views. encourages his son to go to war and isn't doubtful that he will survive it. He doesn't really know what war is all about, the realities of it. He expects the interviews to be informal and is forcing Jack to look smart and wear a pince nez.

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John Kipling

John Kipling

  • "John enters. Unnoticed..." - very different, doesn't have his own voice
  • "Extremely short-sighted" - a weakness in the army (meiopia)
  • "Preserve our..." - repetition shows he doesn't know what he's fighting for
  • No knowledge of war - not his own identity, will the army mold him?
  • Easily manipulated

He isn't a masculine character, he doesn't have the same enthusiasm for war as his father. He is short-sighted and so his chance of survival is less than average. In his father's eyes, if he doesn't join the army, he will be a "weak and watery" person, not a man.

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Carrie Kipling

Carrie Kipling

  • "He's too young" - she is nmore concerned for John than Rudyard is - the voice of reason
  • "Handsome" - atypical of gender, she's strong and confident when she's not expected to be 
  • "Formidable" - can stand up to Rudyard, she has a voice

Carrie is a confident woman, atypical for her gender. She has more sympathy for John and is more concerned about him joining the Army, saying he's too young. She stands up to Rudyard - "you seem to be the only person in the country who believes Germany will fight."

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