multistore model

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multistore model

  • explanation of how memory processes work. made up of 3 stores: sensory, short term and long term


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sensory memory

  • information recieved through our senses, through an environmental stuimulus
  • capacity: vast capacity, can hold lots of information
  • duration: can't hold the informaton for long, about 2 seconds
  • information is encoded and passed to STM by paying attention to the stimulus. if no attention is payed then the information is quickly forgotten
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short term memory

  • informaiton is encoded into STM visually or auditory
  • Duration: 15 seconds
  • capacity: 7 =/- 2 chunks, anywhere between 5 and 9 items of information can be remembered at once
  • infomration passed to LTM by elborative rehearsal
  • maintenance rehearsal is used to keep a memory in the STM by verbally repeating a word
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long term memory

  • duration: unlimited, can last a lifetime
  • capacity: unlimited
  • information encoded semantically but also a little visually and auditory
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