Mount Etna

Case Study of Mount Etna Volcano (MEDC)

[Italy, Sicily]

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Date / Volcano Type / Events

28th November 2002 / Italian island of Sicily, SW of Italy.

Strato Volcano, formed by repeated eruptions, causes layers of Ash and Lava to make the cone.

Destructive Plate Boundary _ African & Ionian Micro Plate under Eurasian Plate

1). Series of violent Earthquakes

Few hours later ,, 2). Several explosions took place and blackened the sky

3). Clouds of Gas and Ash forced from two vents (new vent)

4). Magma thrown into air, Lava, Ash falling on city

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Effects / Facts & Figures / Responses

Holiday Homes used to house homeless

Residential Areas evacuated

Schools were shut

Lava flooded Ski Resort - Destroyed ALOT of forest on volcano slopes

0 people died, they were all evacuated.

100 homes damaged.

Italian G.ment asked other Nations for help to clear the mess

Family businesses been affected so G.ment gave a tax break.

FAILED - Concrete Blocks to divert lava (Earth Barriers).

FAILED - Drop Concrete Blocks down main tube to block it.

WORKED - Blew up new passages for lava to flow down, avoided village.

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Predict Eruptions / Why Live There?

SEISMOMETER - Measures Earthquake activity

TILTMETERS - Measures sides of Mountain, any swelling


Fertile Soil and Long Hot Growing Seasons - Good for crops.

Residents get money from Ski Areas (Employees) - Creates jobs.

Tourism - Coming to visit the Volcano.

Precious Minerals - Copper, Silver & Gold found in Volcanic Areas.

Geothermal Energy - Heat steam to create electricity and to heat homes.

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