Planning & Prevention of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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Planning & Prevention of Earthquakes and Volcanoes 

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The 4 Methods of Prediction 

1. Measuring and Observing the shape of volcanoes
    (Mount St. Helens, NY, USA, 1997)

2. GPS --> Global Positioning System
    Data is quick and comes within a few minutes

3. Gas Monitoring --> specifically Sulfur Dioxide
   (Mount Pintubo evacuation, due to PIVS system)

4. Seismometers
    (Montserrat has 14 of these surrounding monitoring 24/7)

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The 3 Methods of Diverting Lava Flow

1. Detonating Explosives
    (7000kg Mount Etna blocked flow)

2. Earth Walls
    (Kileau, Hawaii, saved plantations and tourist area: 2001)

3. Spraying Large Volumes of Water 

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Prevention Through Education

FEMA Agency - devised 6 point plan for emergency
eg. have disaster supplies on hand
      have emergency communication plan 

1st September Annually
Disaster Prevention Day
Local Government Organised Events 

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1. Open areas for people to congrugate

2. Rolling Weights on roof to counter-act shock waves
    eg San Francisco Airport (50cm any direction)

3. Identification Number on roof aiding emergency hellicopters 

4. Flexible latice internal structure
    eg Yakohama Landmark Tower (tallest in Japan)

5. Automatic shutters come down over windows to protect pedestrians

6. Towers that move together in controlled movement
    eg Tamaki Building, Aukland (10cm movement) 

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