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The distinction between media and reality has collapsed, and we now live in a ‘reality’ defined by images and representations – a state of simulacrum. - Hyper reality

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Strinati 1992

Postmodernism tries to come to terms with & understand a media-saturated society. The mass media, for example, were once thought of as holding up a mirror & thereby reflecting, a wider social reality. Now that reality is only definable in terms of surface reflection to the mirror.

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Lyotard 1979

Death of metanarratives

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Marshall McLuhan 1962

Global village

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Bob rehak

Avatars merge spectatorship with participation

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Frederic Jameson

Postmodern works are often characterised by a lack of depth & a surfeit of surface.


They are characterized by an emphasis on fragmentation.


He sees the key features as:self-referentiality, irony, pastiche and parody.

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