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form, audience, institution, representation

helps when analyzing media texts :)

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Media Forms including narrative and Genre

Media Forms

  • What are the denotative and connotative levels of meaning?
  • What is the signinficants of the texts connotations?
  • What are the non-verbal structures of meaning in the text (gesture, facial expression, positional communication, clothing, prose etc)?
  • What is the significance of mise-en-scene / sets / setting?
  • What work is being done by the soundtrack / commentary / language of the text?
  • What are the dominant images and iconography, and what is their relevance to major themes of the text?
  • What sound and visual techniques are sued to convey meaning (camera positioning, editing, the ways the images and sound are used to convey meaning?)
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Media Institutions

Media Institution

  • What is the institutional source of the text?
  • In what ways has the text been influenced or shaped by the institution which produced it?
  • Is the source of a public service or commercial institution? What difference does this make to the text?
  • Who owns and controls the institution concerned and does this matter?
  • How has the text bee distributed?
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Media Representations

Media Representations

  • Who is being represented?
  • In what way are they represented?
  • By whom?
  • Why is the subject represented in this way?
  • Is the representation fair and accurate?
  • What oppurtunities exist fir self-representation by the subject?
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