Measure for Measure

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Measure for Measure - Gender Theme

  • 3 females have speaking roles, a prostitute who runs a brothel, a want to be nun, and a woman who is jilted for not having a big enough wedding dowry
  • Shakespeare creates limited roles for these women, prompting the audience to think about their role in society
  • Each is a victim of patriarchal authority
  • Angelo's behaviour towards Isabella and Mariana says something about gender and power
  • Lucio objects to marrying the mother of his child
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Measure for Measure - Marriage Theme

  • Marriage in measure for measure doesn't necessarily bring about a happily ever after
  • For many, characters marriage is a form of punishment
  • For other characters it is a fate worse than torture or death
  • Is marriage the means to a happy ending?
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Measure for Measure - Lies and Deceit Theme

  • Duke disguises himself as a friar to spy
  • Angelo passes himself as a moral and upright judge
  • Mariana replaces Isabella in the bed trick
  • Duke is passing himself off as a friar for good intentions
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