Julia Kristeva

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Revolutions in Language - Symbolic

- Realm of law and linguistic structure

- The space before the symbolic

- Identified with masculinity

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Revolutions in Language - Semiotic

- It has to be in some relationship to language

- Language is already there before we learn to speak

- Identified with femininity 

- Women = Symbols of madness

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- Chora = cup, (can also mean womb)

- Plato - interested in the way things are - internal forms and messy world - connect via Chora

- Space between internal forms and messy world = between the demotic and the symbolic

- We have to repress language in order to understand it

- Absent of the mother figure comes from anxiety of empty space

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Two Types of Text - Phenotext

- A structure that obeys the rule of everyday language

- Symbolic order

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Two Types of Text - Genotext

- We can't have a pure semiotic

- Includes semiotic practices

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Abject - Between subject and object

- Substances that are between the body and world

- The name for something between a mother and child or semiotic and symbol

-We try to repress it

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