Mary Tudor

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Why was a female Monarch a threat to power?

- England had only had a female ruler once before, Matlida 12th C, resulted in civil war

- A woman would't be able to control faction

- A woman couldn't lead an army into battle

- A woman was expected to marry BUT that would make them subservient to their husband

- Whoever she married would be able to dominate court

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Who were the two initial options for Mary's marria

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Who were the two initial options for Mary's marria


- Edward Courtenay, Earl of Devon, supported by Spephen Gardiner

- Plantagenat, royal blood

Philip of Spain:

- Mary's preference

- Would bring England closer to Spain and the Hapsburgs, her mother was related, Charles V was her cousin

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Mary chose Philip of Spain, what did this mean?

- She was subservient to foreign rule

- Fear that England would be dragged into a war that they wanted no part of

- Fear exacberated in the 1554 Wyatt rebellion BUT Mary's skill defeated them


- There was a petition of opposition which Mary ignored, she was married by January 1554

The Act of Marriage from parliament was later passed.

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What was the Act of Marriage from parliament?

- Queen shall retain all control over offices, lands, revenues and grant them only to Englishmen

- Sincere freindship with Spain was established, they were allied with France

- Philip would take no jewels, guns or ships abroad

- England shall not engage in war

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Problems with Mary's marriage to Philip of Spain.

- Mary did not have a child with Philip to take the throne, he was absent

- Philip struggled to ingegrate in court life, was often absent and people were sceptical of his Spanish descent

- People feared the Spanish, this fear increased with Mary's marriage to Philip of Spain

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The beginning of the Wyatt rebellion

- Broke out in January 1554

- Due to female ruler and her marriage to Philip of Spain

- Members of the political elite were plotting: Sir James Croft, Sir Peter Carew, Sir Thomas Wyatt

--> the men feared they would lose their office under Spanish dominance

- Planned a 4 pronged attack from Devon, Leicestershire, Wales and Kent

BUT only Kent rose

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What was Thomas Wyatt's proclamation?

- Proclaimed that a hundred armed Spaniards had arrived at Dover and had marched through Kent towards London

- He asked for an assembly of men to protect liberty

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The course of the Wyatt rebellion.

- Rebels planned to Mary Elizabeth to Courtenay

BUT - rebels notified Gardiner and had poor planning by Carew, Croft and Suffolk

--> this forced Wyatt to raise his force earlier than expected, middle of winter

- Middle of winter was a bad time BUT still raised 3000 men

- Duke of Norfolk was sent to talk to the rebels and Mary was told to leave Lodon, she didn't do this

- Rebel defeat was imminent when they reached London

- Wyatt surrounded at Kingston and defeated

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Results of the Wyatt rebellion.

- Mary executed less than 100 commoners, suggests rebellion was not a major threat

BUT she may have just been trying to prevent further unrest

- Wyatt and Suffolk both executed

- Courtenay and Elizabeth were questioned BUT alter released

- Rebellion did not stop the marriage and failed to end the dislike for the Spanish

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Relations between French and Spanish after the Wya

- English hated the Spanish worse than the devil

- People said that Prince Philip was not going to employ English people despite the marriage treaty

- People said Philip was sending fro 10,000 Spanish and 10,000 Germans to attack England

- People thought monastries would be set up again and the Pope control religious affairs

BUT: In reality, Philip spend more time in Spain than in England and hardly interfered

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