Mary QoS Rebellions/Plots

Northern Earls


  • Religion: Took Mass in Durham - ALL counter-reformation - Elton: "Religion played a little part...though it was a useful cloak"
  • Faction: De Spes (Spanish Ambassador) - Elizabeth had rejected Norfolk's proposal to Mary - Northumberland's title ('Lieutenant of the North') had been removed, by Elizabeth


  • Took Durham
  • Involved the nobility
  • The gentry did not stop them! (becoming a "country house religion")

Not Dangerous:

  • Fled, as soon as they encountered Sussex's force(s)
  • "Almost bloodless"
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Ridolfi Plot


  • Involved: Mary, Fellipe II, Norfolk
  • Wanted to usurp Elizabeth & marry Mary to Norfolk
  • Uncovered when Baillie was captured and tortured by Burghley


  • Mary & Norfolk were blamed
  • Norfolk was executed
  • Treason Act (mostly a response to the Papal Bull)
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Throckmorton Plot (1583)


  • Throckmorton had mingled with Seminary Priests
  • He planned to kill Elizabeth & place Mary (QoS) on the throne


  • Throckmorton was executed
  • Bond of Association (1584) (anyone who was plotting against the queen was to be executed)
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Babington Plot (1586)


  • Walsingham set a trap for Mary
  • Babington was hired, by Ballard, to kill Elizabeth!
  • Walsingham sent forged letters to Babington, asking for names (he complied)


  • Parliament & the Privy Council called for Mary's execution!
  • Initially, Elizabeth was reluctant (got Hatton to ask Parliament if there was another way)
  • Eventually, Elizabeth signed the death warrant
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