Marxist Perspective of the Family

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Marxist Perspective of the Family

Key Ideas- Society is in a state of conflict between the rich and poor, proleteriat exploited by bourgeoisie 


  • in Pre-industrial society people lived in 'promiscuous hordes' no restrictions on sexual relationships
  • wealth and production = inheritance of property developed so men would get married to have a legitimate heir of property 
  • females used as a mere instrument of reproduction, the monogomaous nuclear family = world class defeat of female sex. Liberation will be achieved when capitalist state is overthrown 


  • Sees the family is part of the superstrucutre of society.
  • Part of the ideological states apparatus, which is controlled by the bourgeoisie and used to create values, attitudes and beliefs which support the capitalist system and posistion of the ruling class e.g. hidden curriculum, hierarchy accepted, family is consumer of goods 

ELI ZARETSKY- workers accept their exploitation by being able to come home and release frustration on their family 

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