Marxism & the family.

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Marxism & The Family.

Karl Marx: 

Marx beleieved that we live in a capitalist soceity which casues conflict between the bourgeosise and the proletariat.

He suggested that the working class are ot aware of this ideology.

He stated that the bourgeoisie exploits workers [ wage slaves] 

Marxists do agree with functionalists as they believe that the family controls reproduction. However they view this negatively. They simply believe that the families serve to produce the next generation of workers.

He believed that the ruling class controls [social insititutions] such as the family maintains the class inequality. Marx was of the opinion that if you're born poor you'll stay poor. 

He suggested that the Proletariat are in a state of false class consciousness. They are unaware to the exploitative nature of soceity and bourgeoisie rules. 

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