Louis XIV

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"versailles is the physical representation of the Sun King's reign"

a) Size and Oppulence

  • 700 rooms + several smaller palaces, canals, and gardens
  • garden= 575 metres long
  • stables held 2000 horses
  • use of best builders, architects, painters, materials etc
  • no natural water source at Versialles- water for fountains is pumped 4 miles underground through specially laid pipes

b) layout

  • use of straight line corridors, rooms, gardens
  • all plants in pots, everything neatly trimmed
  • fountains- as L walked by staff would turn them on

c) use of classical images: ancient + mythological Gods

  • pictures of Apollo, the Sun God- gave light + glory, everything revolves around the sun
  • links between great men + Gods- L wanted to portray the idea he was God-like

d) use of military + links to great men in history

  • the Hall of Battles- dedicated to L's military victories
  • staue of L on horse back in full military dress
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