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Physical Description: Wears big thick glasses, is in quite poor health
(his as-mar), very fat and round, fine brown hair, freckles and with a
"piggish" type face.

Personality: He likes intellectuals who discuss matters of interest
and have concern for one another. He dislikes people who are rude and
do not listen to others (JACK - "Piggy was so full of delight on Jacks
departure, so full of pride on his contribution to the good of
society, which he helped to fetch wood.")

Beliefs: A democratic society in general.

Other: He is always left to baby sit the littluns when the boys go off
on adventures, told by Ralph that he "isn't good for this sort of
thing." Obviously made fun of in school, he often feels left out and
isolated early on in the story although increasingly as Jack and Ralph
drift apart, Piggy's voice of reason and insight come to fill the gap,
and he and Ralph become good friends.

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description of Ralph


Physical Description: attractive young boy, thinly built, his mouth
and eyes reflected his skin and represented no evil. His skin is dark,
tanned with fine brown hair - A boy whom looks like a leader - Golding
- His body described as 'golden'.

Personality: Establishes a mock-democratic government for the group in
order for them to be rescued, and to maintain peace and order. Also
likes intellects (Piggy) and jobs being completed for the good of
society. Dislikes include: Jack, arrogance and not following orders

Other: Ralph is the one boy at the close of the novel who is not a
hunter. Having been pursued ruthlessly by Jack and his tribe, Ralph
begins weeping on the beach before his grown-up rescuers. The naval
officer shows disapproval at the destructive state of things on the
island, which Ralph laments that he had done everything he could do to
be a good leader.

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Name: Simon

Age: 13 - 15

Physical Attributes: He is a small skinny boy along with a small chin
"and eyes so bright they had been deceived as wicked". A long mop of
black hair concealed most of his forehead and ears. His feet were bare
and his skin colour was dark which glistened by his sweat.

Personality: When he is given orders he does what is needed (shown
when Ralph and Simon build shelters for everyone). He was very quiet
and yet there was something about him as though he was always
suggesting something. He is also kind and thoughtful in thinking.

Beliefs: Represents natural human goodness.

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Physical Description: Tall, thin, and bony...his hair was red beneath
the black cap. His face was...freckled, and ugly without silliness'
(Chapter 1 pg. 19). His eyes were bright blue and turned to anger if

Personality: Likes; being in charge (power), being important, telling
others what to do, build up a colt??? Dislikes; People telling him
what to do, people saying he's wrong, people like Piggy

Beliefs: Only when Simon faints does he show sympathy, to create his
own number of hunters.

Other: It is Jack who leads the boys' turn to savagery, or at least
gives it a certain order.

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